Welcome to the home page of the 'Philippine Railways Historical Society', which was set up to help and encourage fans of the Philippine railways. The PRHS main goal has been to research and share Philippine railway information, help others with a similar interest and answer the many questions from tourists heading there for a holiday.
My other interests lay in railways around the Australasian region (Australia, Fiji, South East Asia). For lots of information, forums and other items related to them, please check out LocoShed Australasia.

We are currently in the middle of a rebuild of the website which will be continuing through the first half of 2011. Plans are afoot for a section by section look at stations and infrastructure, latest heritage/preservation news section and updates on current rail operations and expansions.
Expect many changes as the society is placed through a transformation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2050

Welcome To The All-New PRHS Website!

UPDATED - June 14th 2014

Philippine Railway Historical Society Website

Webmaster - Brad Peadon

The website of the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' is in the process of being totally rebuilt and takes us back to our original reason for being. That was to share information, meet people and help people interested in the many different railways of the Philippines, past and present. In recent year the influence of others has derailed us from this path, please join us as return to our original mission.
* While we are rebuilding the site, please come join us on Facebook. Search for 'Philippine Railway Historical Society'.
* Officially launched in April 2012, the PRHS commences it's long planned database project to record all bits of information on locomotives and rollingstock in the one place. We are looking for serious historical researchers of Philippine railways to help with this immense project - even the most insignificant photo may lead to a huge discovery (this being proved numerous times recently),



and one of those ghastly Aussie people! :-)

Did you know that the PRHS also caters for people interested in bus, ferry, aviation and other transport in the Philippines? Check out our 'Philippine Transportation' group in the chat forums section.