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Monday, February 23, 2009

MRT2 Megotren

(Recto – Santolan)


Services run at regular intervals!

5:00AM - 10:00PM Weekday operations commence and finish!

6:00AM - 8:00PM Weekend operations commence and finish!
LRT1/MRT2 Fares!

The most you will pay for any trip between the above stations is P15 which works
out to be less than 50c Australia as of June 2007.
Short journeys attract lesser fares!

Delay Codes for passengers!

In cases of emergencies or unexpected events, the following codes are announced to inform the passengers about the current status of train operations:
Code Yellow 1 There will be a slight delay in the arrival and departure of trains in the stations.
Code Yellow 2 Train operations will be temporarily suspended due to technical problems.


The LRT and MRT systems are a fast, cheap and convenient way of getting
to locations around Manila.
It should also be noted that the trains can get very crowded even outside of peak period times and seats are certainly considered a luxury.
If you’re a photographer interested in these systems you should be ready for the rather unfriendly nature of the security guards on all stations.
They do not wish you to take photographs and are far from willing to listen to any explanations you may have for wanting to do so.
Try restricting all photos to fast grab and shoots from behind the security guard. Another trick I have found works is to pretend you neither speak English or Tagalog.

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