Welcome to the home page of the 'Philippine Railways Historical Society', which was set up to help and encourage fans of the Philippine railways. The PRHS main goal has been to research and share Philippine railway information, help others with a similar interest and answer the many questions from tourists heading there for a holiday.
My other interests lay in railways around the Australasian region (Australia, Fiji, South East Asia). For lots of information, forums and other items related to them, please check out LocoShed Australasia.

We are currently in the middle of a rebuild of the website which will be continuing through the first half of 2011. Plans are afoot for a section by section look at stations and infrastructure, latest heritage/preservation news section and updates on current rail operations and expansions.
Expect many changes as the society is placed through a transformation.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Philippines Only Transportation Based Magazine!

Compiled for the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society' by members of the 'Philippine Railways SIG (PRHS)'.

Editor: Brad Peadon

LRT/MRT Reporter: Vacant

RIHSPI (Phils) Reporter: A Dream

Industrial Railways Reporter: Vacant

Road/Sea Transportation Reporter: Vacant

Contributions and subscriptions always welcome, as are
offers to fill the editorial postions above.
Please help!

Please note that from issue #3 'Along Da Riles' has no affiliation with the
'Railways and Industrial Heritage Society Phils Inc'.
Any moneys made from the magazine will still be available to them for preservation purposes, as well as other socities in the Philippines with activities that include some railway type preservation.
A official announcement will be released shortly.


We urgently require contributions of current news, photos (current and historical), articles, trip reports, copies of documents or tickets and anything else of interest to the Philippine railway or transportation fan.



Coming In July
Greatly enlarged.


ANZ Presidents Report
Philippines Report
PNR News
New DMU set arrives
Rollingstock Roundup

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